Copyright Information

We use copyrighted works every day. The very foundation of education is sharing and building on materials that were created by other people. We strive to create the most effective educational experience while still maintaining our integrity in distributing copyrighted materials.

Please use the following resources to help determine if your use of copyrighted materials falls within ethical and legal guidelines.

  • A website maintained by the US Copyright Office where you can read the law itself and find a plethora of additional information regarding copyright issues and questions.  
  • Copyright Digital Slider: A handy tool to help determine if the work you are using is within copyright. 
  • Copyright Made Simple: Six Rules for Course Design : A concise guide, by Linda K Enghagen, J.D., on the basics of copyright law. Click here for her PowerPoint presentation. 
  • Legal Literacy in the Information Age: A quick list of ten rules of thumb regarding electronic resources by Linda K Enghagen, J.D. - contact (Faculty Librarian) for a copy.
  • Fair Use Checklist: Use this checklist to see if your use of materials falls within the Fair Use Doctrine.

For more information please contact:

Jana Lu Williams
Faculty Librarian
(509) 527-4292