Why Give?

Why give to Walla Walla Community College?

In truth, little happens in our community that is not touched by the College. Walla Walla Community College offers first rate academic and vocational training. It gives employers access to an able work force. It is a resource that attracts new business, that offers stimulating arts, educational opportunities, and special training. It is there for us all in numerous ways, but we must support the College in order for it to serve our diverse needs. Walla Walla Community College needs generous financial support now.

  • State support for education is decreasing, while the demand for education is increasing.Local employers depend on WWCC to supply education and training to their work force.Our classrooms are at capacity.WWCC has the highest service level to district students (number of students served per 1000 population) of all Washington state community colleges.Quality of life for both the student and the community are directly dependant on a quality education.

Your community college enjoys the unique mission of providing relevant opportunities in higher education for local residents. In fact, Walla Walla Community College is the area's one collegiate institution with a specific mandate to serve the academic, vocational and cultural needs of the people living in Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield, and Asotin counties.

The WWCC Foundation has been established to encourage greater public participation in accomplishing this mission. Its volunteer Board of Governors works to represent the college to the public and seeks philanthropic funds to be used for scholarships, program enhancements, property and equipment procurements, and cultural activities benefiting the community.

As WWCC is only partially funded by the state, the future of the College rests in the hands of the citizens it serves. Your contribution will help ensure that for years to come, the College will continue to serve the educational needs of an ever changing community.

Together, yes we can make a difference