Child Abuse

Abuse Prevention and Advocacy

 National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
THe NSPCC is an organization from the UK that offers support lines, advocacy, and supoprt for a variety of issues related to ending child abuse in all forms.

 Prevent Child Abuse America
An advocacy and fund raising organization devoted to protecting children.

 American Humane Association: Children
The classic advocacy group for those who can't speak for themselves. This is a standard in abuse prevention.

 Recognizing Signs of Child Abuse
Child Welfare Information Center article on recognizing and preventing child abuse.

 Child Help
A national organization dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect.


 Dealing with Bullies
An article about bullying written for kids.

Medline plus article defining bullying and leading to more information about bullying.

 Bullying: help your child handle a school bully
Mayo Clinic article about dealing with bullies at school.

 PDF Student Reports of Bullying
National Center for Education Statistics 2001 report on bullying prevalence in schools.

 Stop Cyberbullying
An organization dedicated to the prevention of cyberbullying. Provides advocacy, definitions and games designed to end cyberbullying.

Healthy Families

 Healthy Families America
An organization that supports the American family as a way to prevent child abuse.

 Harvard Family Research Project
Harvard University discusses how and why family visitations can help prevent child abuse.


 Monitoring Child Neglect
CDC and PCA meeting notes on neglectful treatment of children.


 Child Welfare Information Gateway
US Department of Health and Human Services gateway to information about how poverty affect child abuse.

 Child Stats
US Governtment web information covering statistics about children and poverty.

Physical Abuse
 Child Abuse- Physical
NY Times Online article about phsyical abuse. Leads to more information.

Emotional Abuse

 Fact Sheet: Prevent Emotional Child Abuse
A fact sheet describing what emotional child abuse is and how to prevent it.

Sexual Abuse

 Fact Sheet: Sexual Abuse of Children
A fact sheet from the PCA organization on sexual abuse of children. Provides a summary and explanation.