Politics: News Coverage


These materials are available in the WWCC Library. (Items that are linked here originally appear in print, but are available via WWCC Library Databases.)

  • The Advocate (print): This magazine reports and comments on issues of interest to the LGBT community.
  • Atlantic Monthly (print): This magazine sometimes does in-depth coverage about government and politics.
  • Harper's (print): Check here for full-length, entertaining articles on political issues.
  • LA Times (online): The LA Times is the biggest daily newspaper on the West Coast.
  • Mother Jones (print): This is one place to find liberally slanted political investigation.
  • The Nation (print): Every political liberal worth her salt reads or has read this publication.
  • National Newspapers (online): This database is full of newspapers from all over the US.
  • National Review (print): If liberals read The Nation, conservatives worth their salt read National Review.
  • The New Republic (print): Political reporting with a liberal slant.
  • Newspaper Source (online): Use this database to find newspapers from across the country.
  • Newsweek (print): This weekly magazine provides mostly news, some political, usually liberal reporting.
  • New York Times (print and online): This is one of the big national newspapers, and is a great place to go to find out the latest news and get editorial comment on some of it.
  • The New York Times Magazine (print): This magazine comes out weekly and often has in-depth coverage of national issues.
  • The New Yorker (print): Political discussion is in this magazine, but don't get sidelined by entertainment coverage.
  • Time (print): This magazine has been around for a long time, political coverage is well respected.


These resources are mainly available either as broadcast media or on the world wide web. Click on the title of the resource to access it.

  • Townhall.com: From Townhall.com "Our conservative magazine coverage features investigative journalism, in-depth reporting, heavily researched analysis, interviews with the heavy hitters and powerful exposés - all in a monthly news and opinion journal from the same team of right-thinking reporters, opinions makers, insiders and political leaders conservatives have trusted for 15 years. In addition to being the leader news source for conservatives, "
  • CNN: One of the largest commercial news networks in the world. A great place to check for happenings and some commentary.  
  • News:  NPR: NPR is a publicly supported news organization with a liberal slant. Sometimes NPR covers stories that larger news organizations don't.
  • Reuters: Reuters is the leading financial news organization. Check here for economic information and news about finance world-wide.
  • BBC News: From BBC: "The BBC News website is the internet arm of the biggest broadcasting news-gatherer in the world." Check here for a more global perspective to news- there is still a Western slant.  
  • Slate: From Slate.com "Founded in 1996, we are a general-interest publication offering analysis and commentary about politics, news, business, technology, and culture. ... The site, which is owned by The Washington Post Company, does not charge for access and is supported by advertising revenues." There is a decided liberal bias to this news site.
  • The Huffington Post: This is an online news source that presents contemporary issues in a blog format. Huffington Post is not connected to a major news organization and has a somewhat liberal bias.  
  • PBS NewsHour | PBS: PBS in the United States has been presenting commentary on contemporary issues for years. This is a well-respected news organization.
  • USA Today: One of the "big 3" national newspapers, USA Today is available online at this location.
  • DRUDGE REPORT: Drudge Report isn't connect with any major news source, it has independent and conservative coverage of news.