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Siomara Hobbs

A large segment of the current workforce is unprepared to succeed in today's economy, where most jobs that pay family-supporting wages require at least some education and training beyond high school and often a college degree. By 2020, the U.S may face a shortage of 14 million workers with college-level skills.

October 17-23 is Adult Literacy Week. With the support of Governor Gregoire, this week provides an opportunity for ABE providers and partners to increase public awareness and understanding about adult basic education and the way it assists Washington State meet economic and workforce goals. We know lack of functional literacy skills or limited educational attainment directly hinders individuals? full participation in their community. Adults with higher literacy understand and have better healthcare, find more solutions out of violent or abusive situations, advocate for their children and families, and have access to better-paying jobs. In Washington, one in six hard working adults needs literacy skills in order to get good jobs and keep our economy working. Walla Walla Community College understands that making an investment in people?s education is critical to creating an educated workforce.

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