Attend the 9-16-14 Community Council Study Committee to promote, enhance & develop Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

Do you love the outdoors? Do you want to learn about outdoor recreational opportunities in the region? 

Join Community Councilís Study Committee on Tuesday, September 16th from 11:45 am to 1:15 pm at the YWCA, 213 S 1st Ave., Walla Walla. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!
The Committee, chaired by Adam Kirtley, will study, ďHow can we promote, enhance and develop outdoor recreational opportunities and accessibility to improve the regionís economic vitality and quality of life?Ē According to the USDA, in order to sustain the benefits of outdoor recreation for present and future generations, the recreation program must address and work toward a sustainable balance among the three spheres of environmental, social, and economic conditions.
Please join us!

Sustainability among nonprofit organizations


Sustainability is a popular topic among nonprofit organizations.  What exactly is it?  How is it achieved?  Is it only about financial resiliency?  Some argue not.


For those nonprofit organizations interested in exploring more deeply, here are a few resources:


  • A small, but insightful book takes you on a journey to learn more deeply about those factors that are essential to real organizational sustainability.  A copy of Focus on Sustainability by Dennis McMillian of The Foraker Group is available for those interested.  Please contact Susan at 525-8863 or


  • Jeanne Bell, CEO of CompassPoint, has an article titled Beyond Financial Oversight: Expanding the Boardís Role in the Pursuit of Sustainability.  It is available at or on the Learning Centerís webpage under Resources, Article/Book/DVDís.



Neighborhood Carnival

NonProfit Learning Center

The Learning Center for NonProfits, sponsored by Walla Walla Community College and the Sherwood Trust, exists to provide on-going training, resources, and education to current and prospective board members and staff of nonprofits on current and challenging issues as well as to encourage peer networks that foster sharing and collaboration among local members of our nonprofit community.

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Jock Edwards, The Sherwood Trust


Sandi Madsen, Walla Walla Community College