Blue Mountain Foundation

Blue Mountain Community Foundation started in 1984 based on the idea that the area needed a place for donors who cared about the community to make long-term investments.  For more information and criteria for these scholarships,  Click here. 

AAWCC Scholarship

Student applicants must include a letter of support from your local AAWCC organization.

Additional requirements listed in the application include:

  • A 250 word essay                      
  • GPA 3.2 or higher (official transcript)              
  • Statement of Financial Need                      
  • Current Employment  (if any)                         
  • List of Extra-curricular activities 

Other Resources

 Baker Boyer Bank

George T. Welch Scholarship and Milton-Freewater Area Foundation Scholarships

 Hispanic Scholarship Fund

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) is the nation's leading Hispanic scholarship organization, providing the Hispanic community more college scholarships and educational outreach support than any other organization in the country.

PDF Other Private and Local Scholarships

A listing of many scholarships available to college students.