Being Awarded Aid

Process the Financial Aid office goes through in determining your aid.

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How will I know if I'm eligible for aid?

The Office of Student Financial Aid will review FAFSA data once an official record is provided to our office by the federal processor. Our office will provide Financial Aid Award Letter packets to students on an on-going basis throughout the academic year upon receiving an official FAFSA from the federal processor.  You will be notified of your financial aid eligibility depending on when you submit all documents[W1]  to the Office of Student Financial Aid, for dates, click here.

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After I receive my award letter, what do I do?

Follow the instructions on your award letter to ensure a timely distribution of your award.

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Can my financial aid award be adjusted?

Some awards can be adjusted given special circumstances. Please visit the financial aid office for more information.

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What are the requirements do I have to maintain once I receive aid?

For information on this, please see Financial Aid policies.