Darlene Snider

Dean of Transitional Studies
Office: 25
Office Phone: 509.527.4265


Transitional Studies Support Staff_______________________

Jacqueline Boatman

Secretary Lead
Office Phone: 509.527.4304

Rosa Zaragoza

Office Assistant III
Office: 203
Office Phone: 509.524.4808

Lydia Martinez

Office Assistant III
Office: 203
Office Phone: 509.524.4646

Suky Binney

Instructional Transition Specialist
Office: 217A
Office Phone: 509.527.4328

Gretchen Hormel

High School 21+ Achievement Coach
Office: 34
Office Phone: 509.527.4637

WorkFirst Staff____________________________________

Debra Erikson

WorkFirst Director
Office: 324
Office Phone: 509.527.1865

Magdalena Moulton

Educational Planning & Transitions Specialist
Office: 331A
Office Phone: 509.524.4790

Walla Walla Campus Faculty___________________________

Sally Bormann

ABE, ESL, and Reading Instructor
Office: 37
Office Phone: 509.527.4231

Jesse Burgess

English Instructor
Office: 27
Office Phone: 509.527.3869

Philip Coffeen 

English Instructor
Office: 39
Office Phone: 509.527.1869

Michelle Gajda

High School 21+ and ESL Instructor
Office: 203B
Office Phone: 509.527.3688

Jose Godinez

GED Instructor
Office Phone: 509.527.4310

Aletha Gruzensky

ESL Instructor

Mike Hays

Job Seeking Skill Instructor
Office: 23
Office Phone: 509.527.4695

Bobbie Hazeltine

Communication Instructor
Office: 142/35DM
Office Phone: 509.527.4495

Karen Kirkwood

IBEST and College Prep Instructor/Lead
Office: 36
Office Phone: 509.524.5143

Jennifer Leber

Math Instructor
Office: 17
Office Phone: 509.527.4245

Zoe Lindsay

IBEST Instructor
Office: 35p>

Fred McFarland

English Instructor
Office: 10
Office Phone: 509.524.5153

Chris Michels

Math Instructor

Beverly Miller-Jantz

High School 21+ Instructor
Office: 328
Office Phone: 509.524.5190

Nancy Reller

English Instructor
Office: 35

Maria Remington

GED Instructor

Beverly Roper-Archer

High School 21+ Instructor
Office: 327
Office Phone: 509.527.3654

Michelle Schmode

Math Instructor
Office: 2012
Office Phone: 509.524.5237

Jan Tegtmeier

ESL and High School 21+ Instructor
Office: 112A
Office Phone: 509.527.4322

Terri Trick

ABE, GED, and High School 21+ Instructor/Lead
Office: 217B
Office Phone: 509.527.4348

Courtney Kress Van Slyke

ESL Instructor/Lead
Office: 203B
Office Phone: 509.527.4230

Jennifer Vaughn

High School 21+ and Reading Instructor
Office: 323
Office Phone: 509.527.4295

Ursula Volwiler

ESL and IBEST Instructor
Office: 203B
Office Phone: 509.527.3664

Clarkston Campus Staff and Faculty_______________________

Janet Danley

Director, Clarkston
Office Phone: 509.758.3339

Randi Brotts

WorkFirst Program Specialist

Ginny Foote

WorkFirst Program Specialist
Office Phone: 509.758.1708

Paul Boyd

College Prep Instructor
Office Phone: 509.758.1707

Sandra Evans

ESL Instructor
Office Phone: 509.758.1708

Sonja Sanders

ABE and GED Instructor
Office Phone: 509.758.1708

Pamela Worth

GED Instructor

North Campus Faculty_________________________________

Virginia Burnett
Office Phone: 509.526.6382

Andrew Gallagher
Office Phone: 509.526.6424

Reid Helford
Office Phone: 509.524.7586

Janice James
Office Phone: 509.526.6424p>

Shareen Knowles
Office Phone: 509.527.4304

Susan Pearson
Office Phone: 509.526.6424

Julie Spada

Community Partner Staff and Faculty______________________

Ian Gregoire

Broetje ESL Instructor

Cristina Martinez

Garrison Coordinator

Griselda Patino

Garrison GED and E-Learning Instructor

Naila Betances

Tyson GED Instructor

David Dankel

Valle Lindo Homes & Garrison ESL Instructor

Javier Robles

Valle Lindo Homes GED Instructor