Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education is designed to enable those who have not completed high school to earn the General Education Development (GED). Adult Basic Education also serves those needing a review of basic skills before entering other college academic and vocational programs.

Adult Basic Education courses serve adults (18 years or older) who need to upgrade their skills in reading, writing, and math. The State of Washington requires that students are administered a placement test upon entry. The assessment used is the CASAS Test which evaluates a student?s current reading skills and is used for placement purposes only. Program of study is then determined individually. Instruction is offered via individual study, structured courses, learning communities, and computers. The program is provided in both English and Bilingual/Spanish to meet individual student needs.

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Rosa Zaragoza,  509.524.4808
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Lydia Martinez, 509.527.4646
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Carol Bennett, Clarkston Campus, 509.758.1718
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