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Reference Resources  
Do you occasionally need a dictionary or thesaurus at your desk but don't have one handy? Try this website! 
Here's something even better than having phone books for every city in the U.S. at your desk.  It's yellow pages and white pages all in one.
ZipFind Central is especially helpful for staff who perform calculations for travel requests. You can enter two zip codes and it will calculate the distance between them. You can enter a city name and state, and it will return the zip code(s) for that city. 
Need to know how to say something in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, or Portuguese? A caveat - this site's translation may be quirky so don't use it for formal work.

Research Sites 
WWCC's Library is part of the WalNet system which is shared with WW Public Library and the WW Rural Library District. The search utility is excellent, and you can even reserve library items online.
Unlike previous links we've provided, the Metropolitan Museum of Art site is not business related, but has great educational value.  There are many excellent museum websites out there, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and even the Portland Art Museum. 
WWCC's virus software is Command. Command's Website provides reliable information about viruses and virus hoaxes. 
Simple and advanced tips for working in Microsoft Excel.

Business Sites
Those of you who work with students and computers may see them filling out an online Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA), an alternative to the paper FAFSA forms.  WWCC's Financial Aid department's web pages include a page of links related to student financial aid.
Do you need to know the Domestic Maximum Per Diem Rates or other travel details? Here's a smorgasbord of good information, useful for travelers and the clerical staff who support them. Remember, you can bookmark any pages of particular interest, such as Per Diem Rates or Lodging. 
Thanks to Carolyn Friesen for this link!