TRiO's New Courses

Financial Literacy Courses


TRiO students can enroll  in any of the three following financial literacy courses.

  • Budgeting and Personal Finance (CE 114)
  • Paying for College (CE 115)
  • Long-term Money Management (CE 116)

These on-line courses are a great way to learn about money, receive tuition free credits, and are a great source of credit recovery. See your TRiO advisor or the program secretary for the code required for registration. 

TRiO students can enroll in any of these courses that will be taught online this winter by Heather Markwalter.  These courses, which can be taken simultaneously or one at a time, will provide students the essential knowledge in each of the respective categories.  Your TRiO advisor may recommend you take one or all of the courses depending on your financial knowledge. Participation is not mandatory. 

Please note these same courses were taught during the 2012-13 academic year.  Students can register for one or more of these courses through February 15 for winter 2014 credit. 

Click PDF Financial Literacy for more info about the course

Online CE100 Sessions

Procrastination - open all quarter.  Feeling overwhelmed? Have you been putting things off until the last minute? We will teach you the tools needed to help beat this habit. 

Balancing School & Life  - open all quarter.  Is it becoming difficult to balance school with everything else going on in your life? Learn some valuable tips to handle both

Where to Live After I Transfer  - open all quarter.  Explore the housing options that are available at most four-year schools. Learn the pros and cons of living in a dorm versus off campus housing.

Healthy Eating - open all quarter.  Learn tips that will help you to not reach for the junk food during stressful times. Learn about how junk food affects your body and why you should think twice before reaching for it during times of stress.  Also learn about foods that help your brain power, and foods that help calm the body.

Tools for the Undecided Student - open all quarter.  Have you decided what you want to pursue for your career? What type of bachelor's degree you need? Which companies you want to apply to? If you are undecided about your future, try out some helpful online tools to explore potential paths for your education and career.


Goal Setting  - open starting January 22.  Target, Objective, Aim, or Goal! It doesn't matter what you call it, the real objective is how to get there.  Learn how to set short term and long term goals, and identify the steps it will take to achieve your objective.

Scholarships II - -open starting January 29.  This is a scholarship writing session.  Students will complete scholarship applications.  You should complete Scholarships I prior to this session. 

FAFSA Assistance - open starting January 30.  Watch a step-by-step presentation about how to complete the FAFSA.  Remember, you will need the following information to complete the FAFSA:  FAFSA pin number, parent's tax information, their Social Security numbers, and their FAFSA pin numbers.  Parental information is needed if you are a dependent (single, under age 24) student.

Let's Go Campusing - open starting February 6.  Attendance at a classroom session or completion of the online session is mandatory before a TRiO student can go on a campus visit with TRiO.  This session will detail what to expect and when is expected of students on the campus visits.  You will receive tips and tactics for getting the most out of your visit.

Community Engagement - open starting February 13

Personal Money Management - open starting February 19

Math Anxiety - open starting February 27





You must be enrolled in the #5799 TRiO Forum to complete online sessions. If you are not registered for #5799, see the program secretary and she can enroll you.  There is no fee.  Once registered, you will access all of the sessions through Canvas.  The sessions is NOT complete until you complete each section, do quizzes (if applicable), and complete the session evaluation.  If you plan to complete ten sessions in one quarter for college credit, register for #0474 instead.  See January 2014 newsletter for additional details.  Once an on-line workshop is posted, it remains available for students to participate in through the end of the current quarter.